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I provide in-home (or in the early days, in-hospital) breastfeeding and lactation support throughout Greater Victoria and the Cowichan Valley.

Breastfeeding is natural but it is also a learned skill. Almost anyone can benefit from 1:1 breastfeeding support, but common reasons for a consultation include:

  • breast or nipple pain

  • latching difficulty

  • slow weight gain

  • low milk supply

  • oversupply

  • suspected tongue tie

  • reliance on nipple shields

  • reliance on supplemental feeding / formula top-ups

  • reflux

  • premature baby

  • twins

  • feeding just seems too difficult!

Visits are around one hour long. I will work with you to identify your feeding goals and challenges, develop a written care plan and provide ongoing support, including follow-up visits as necessary.

My services are funded through your BC Care Card until your baby is 6 weeks old.

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